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Laughs, Lights, and Laughter: Experience the Unstoppable Comedy of Byron Kennedy in Nashville and Vegas!

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Brace yourself for an unforgettable night of laughter as stand-up sensation Byron Kennedy gears up to conquer the stage at Las Vegas’ biggest comedy event of the year – Laughs After Dark. With a comedic style that is equal parts quirky observations and relatable storytelling, Kennedy has built a devoted fanbase who can’t get enough of his unique brand of humor. And if that’s not enough reason to celebrate, prepare yourself for an even bigger treat – Kennedy is about to drop his very first comedy special video entitled NashVegas, capturing all the hilarity and charm of Music City and Sin City in one epic show-stopping performance!

Byron Kennedy, creator of NashVegas, doing stand up comedy

Headlining the Laugh After Dark Las Vegas Comedy Festival

Byron Kennedy, the seasoned stand-up comedian and creator of the NashVegas comedy show, is gearing up for his highly anticipated performance at the Laugh After Dark comedy festival in Las Vegas. With his razor-sharp wit and infectious energy, Byron is no stranger to making audiences roar with laughter. In our recent interview, he shared his excitement about this upcoming event and revealed some insider details that are sure to make this performance one for the books.

When asked about what sets Laugh After Dark apart from other comedy festivals, Byron enthusiastically praised his fellow performers who will be taking the stage with him at L.A. Comedy Club in The Strat. The lineup is incredibly diverse – you’ve got veterans who have honed their craft over decades sharing the same stage as fresh faces who are just starting out. This unique mix promises an evening filled with laughter that caters to all comedic tastes.

Premier of the NashVegas Comedy Special

In addition to Byron’s headlining set on the night of Sunday, October 1st 2023, he will be debuting his first recorded comedy special, “NashVegas”, at the Art House Theater in the Las Vegas Arts District on Tuesday, October 3rd at 2:00 pm. As he explained during the interview, Byron was working as a vice president for a record label in Nashville but had always dreamed of becoming a stand up comedian. He idolized the work of comedic genius Sam Kinison and used to listen to his performances constantly.

Through the encouragement of a good friend, he started performing as a stand up comedian in Nashville, then eventually made his way to Las Vegas, which is where he really honed his craft. Based on his experiences performing in Nashville and Las Vegas, he decided to call his first comedy special “NashVegas.” Before becoming a record label executive, Byron had a very successful career in radio, and was even called the Leonardo Da Vinci of radio by Howard Stern. He worked closely with Howard during the early 2000’s and even helped him create his own station.

Follow Your Dreams and take the Leap of Faith

Byron’s story is a testament to the power of following your dreams, no matter how unconventional or risky they may seem. Leaving behind a lucrative corporate job as a vice president, he dared to take a leap of faith into the unpredictable world of comedy. This decision not only showcased his bravery but also his unwavering belief in himself and his abilities.

What makes Byron’s story truly inspiring is that he didn’t let external expectations or societal norms dictate his path in life. Instead, he chose to pursue what set his soul on fire – making people laugh. In a world where stability and security often take precedence over passion and fulfillment, Byron stood tall as an embodiment of courage and determination. His pursuit of comedy not only brought joy to others but also served as a reminder that it’s never too late to chase after your dreams, regardless of the obstacles you face.

When we hear stories like Byron’s, we are reminded that life is full of endless possibilities if we have the audacity to seize them. His journey teaches us that sometimes taking risks and stepping out of our comfort zones can lead us closer to finding our true purpose. Byron serves as an inspiration for those who dare to follow their hearts and pursue their passions fearlessly. So let his story be a gentle nudge for all those who have been hesitating on the edge – take that leap of faith, embrace uncertainty, and unlock incredible new avenues waiting just beyond your comfort zone.

Byron Kennedy performing stand up comedy

If you’d like to learn more about Byron Kennedy, please visit his website at For more about comedy in Las Vegas, please visit the Vegas Showbiz Comedy page.

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