Las Vegas Circus Shows

Las Vegas is home to many different types of shows, but some of the most unique are the circus shows. These shows feature a variety of performing arts, from acrobatics to animal tricks. While the circus has been around for centuries, these Las Vegas shows are a modern twist on a classic art form.

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Las Vegas circus performer
Las Vegas circus performer - woman hanging by head from ring

Cirque du Soleil - Most popular circus shows in Las Vegas

Circus arts have entertained audiences for centuries, and the most popular form of circus in Las Vegas is Cirque du Soleil. This unique production company has redefined circus arts by incorporating elements of theater, dance, and music into its shows. What began as a small troupe of street performers in Canada has grown into an international phenomenon, with more than 45 productions staged in cities around the world.

Cirque du Soleil Ka at MGM Grand
Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas performers

Top Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas

The Beatles LOVE - Cirque du Soleil at The Mirage Las Vegas

The Beatles LOVE at Mirage

Since its debut in 2006, The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil has been wowing audiences with its psychedelic visuals and mesmerizing soundtrack. Combining classic Beatles hits with contemporary Cirque du Soleil acrobatics, the show is a must-see for fans of either the band or the circus. With its theatre-in-the-round design, the show is equally enjoyable from any seat in the house.

Ka by Cirque du Soleil at MGM Grand Las Vegas

KÀ by Cirque du Soleil at MGM Grand

KÀ by Cirque du Soleil at MGM Grand is an unprecedented, gravity-defying production that takes adventure to an all-new level. Be awed by the dynamic theatrical landscape, as an entire empire appears on the stage. Witness acrobatics, martial arts, and aerial stunts that will leave you breathless. This is a must-see show for anyone looking for an extraordinary theatrical experience.

Michael Jackson One - Cirque du Soleil at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Michael Jackson ONE at Mandalay Bay

Michael Jackson ONE is an electrifying fusion of acrobatics, dance and visuals that immerses the audience into the world of Michael’s music. The show is a celebration of Michael’s artistry and features never-before-seen choreography and acrobatics combined with iconic music and visuals from Michael’s career. From the moment the show begins, you are transported into Michael’s world and experience his music like never before.

Cirque du Soleil "O" at Bellagio Las Vegas

Cirque du Soleil "O"

“O” by Cirque du Soleil, which has been playing at Bellagio since October, 1998, is still one of the most popular Las Vegas shows. This unique experience features a 25′ deep pool containing 1.5 million gallons of water. Through out the performance divers, acrobats, and synchronized swimmers take turns amazing the audience with their feats of agility and athleticism. To learn more about “O”, have a look at this Spotlight on “O” by Cirque du Soleil.

A circus show for everyone

Absinthe is a show unlike any other. From the intimate, circular stage to the up-close and personal experience it provides for the audience, Absinthe never fails to entertain. WOW – The Vegas Spectacular takes you on a journey of water, wonder and fantasy, transporting you into a world like no other. Both shows are must-sees for anyone visiting Las Vegas.

WOW - The Vegas Spectacular
If you're looking for a show that will transport you into a world of water, wonder and fantasy, look no further than WOW - The Vegas Spectacular.
Absinthe at Caesars Palace
Absinthe at Caesars Palace is one of the most unique and exciting shows in Las Vegas. The intimate, circular stage provides an up-close and personal experience for the audience as they watch wild and outlandish acts.
Cirque du Soleil performer up in the air

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