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Find the best Las Vegas shows in April 2022

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Las Vegas is known for its many shows, and in April 2022, there are plenty of great options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a classic show like “The Rat Pack is Back” or something more modern like “Absinthe,” there’s sure to be something that catches your eye. The variety of shows available means that there’s something for everyone. No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find a performance you’ll enjoy. So join us as we look to answer the question, what are the best Las Vegas shows in April 2022?

While there will always be plenty of great entertainment options in Las Vegas, we have chosen the following shows as our top recommendations for April 2022.

  • Shin Lim “Limitless” at The Mirage
  • The Beatles LOVE at The Mirage
  • Opium at Cosmopolitan
  • Jabbawockeez at MGM Grand

Enjoy The Mirage while you still can

Part of the reason for choosing two shows playing at The Mirage is that their future is unknown. If you haven’t already heard, MGM sold The Mirage to Hard Rock International in December 2021. It will begin transforming the hotel into Hard Rock Las Vegas later this year. Based on this limited time frame and how good both shows are, we advise everyone to see them while they still can.

To learn more about The Mirage, including some interesting facts from its illustrious history, check out this video we made. The volcano show turned out pretty cool as well.

Shin Lim redefines card tricks with “Limitless”

Shin Lim is one of the top magicians in Las Vegas, and he’s the only person to win “America’s Got Talent” twice. After his second AGT win, they declared him their all-time champion. His brand of magic focuses on card tricks and sleight of hand, but he takes things to a level never seen before.

Shin Lim - Las Vegas Magician

In some cases, the cards seem to be defying gravity as they float upward from one hand to another. Don’t blink, or you may miss cards changing to a different suit, color or just becoming blank altogether. During the show, Shin takes you on a journey of his life, and you quickly understand why it’s called “Limitless.” His determination to overcome various hurdles was inspirational, and it helped bind the show into a cohesive storyline.

Colin Cloud takes “Limitless” from good to great

While Shin Lim is without question the star of the show, it’s probably fair to say the show is taken to another level by the performance of Colin Cloud. Taking on the role of a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, the Scottish performer opens the show with acts of mentalism and number magic. He makes several more appearances throughout the show and essentially acts as an MC for the whole performance. In addition to his impressive mental magic, his comedy and improv chops are on point. He keeps the audience in stitches in between setting up his next head-scratcher.

The Vegas Showbiz review of Shin Lim’s “Limitless”

The Beatles “LOVE” is still wowing audiences 16 years later

Since its debut in 2006, The Beatles “LOVE” has been one of Cirque du Soleil’s most popular shows. Taking place in a custom-built theater at The Mirage, LOVE celebrates the legacy and music of The Beatles combined with the world-class acrobatics associated with a Cirque performance. This joint venture between Cirque du Soleil and the Beatles’ Apple Corps Ltd was the first theatrical production for Apple Corps.

The Beatles LOVE - Cirque du Soleil at The Mirage Las Vegas

The 65 performers in the Love cast come together to tell the story of the Beatles’ career via characters like Sgt. Pepper, Eleanor Rigby, and Lady Madonna. Unlike most Cirque shows, which feature live music, Love features pre-recorded songs from the Beatles’ catalog. Original Beatles producer Sir George Martin and his son Giles had access to the entire Beatles catalog when selecting pieces for Love. In addition, each of the 2,013 seats in the theater contains three speakers, including a pair in the headrest. So audiophiles should seriously consider this show while it’s still an option.

Opium at Cosmopolitan – Back from hiatus and raunchier than ever

Opium, the adults-only space cabaret, takes place in a small theater-in-the-round at The Cosmopolitan. Guests of the show become passengers aboard the OPM 73, traveling from Uranus to Las Vegas. Spiegelworld, the producers of Opium, are also the creators of Absinthe at Caesars Palace and Atomic Saloon Show at Venetian.

Featuring a cast of quirky characters performing various circus acts, Opium keeps the audience on the edge of their spaceship seat. The OPM 73 even features a resident sex robot because the one commonality amongst each character is sex.

Unfortunately, the show was on hiatus during the pandemic but is now back and better than ever. Opium plays at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm Wednesday through Sunday nights at The Cosmopolitan. So if you’re looking for the perfect date night show in Las Vegas, Opium is as good as it gets!

Opium, from the creators of Absinthe, playing at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Jabbawockeez brings the moves and the beats in a family-friendly package

If you’re looking for a fun Las Vegas show for the whole family and you’re fans of dance, you should consider Jabbawockeez! Their latest show, “Timeless,” takes you on an intergalactic ride searching for the ultimate music playlist. The show cycles through various eras of popular music, with corresponding dance routines for each.

The performers put on little acts of comedy and crowd interaction throughout the show, plus you never know when a dancer might pop up beside you in the audience. It’s a small theater, so our recommendation is to get more of a straight-on view of the stage if possible, even if that means sitting a bit further back. That said, there isn’t really a bad seat in the house.

If you’re sensitive to loud music, heavy bass, or flashing lights, Jabbawockeez won’t be the best show for you. However, if you love music and dance, you need to check out this show. The choreography is modern and tight, plus it’s cool to see them apply a more contemporary style of dance to so many different types of music. The show typically plays multiple times per night at the Jabbawockeez Theater in MGM Grand. There are usually two performances per night, at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm, but they often add a 4:00 pm performance on the weekends.

More information about Jabbawockeez “Timeless”

We recently had a family outing in Las Vegas and took the kids to see Jabbawockeez “Timeless” at MGM Grand. You can read more about it or check out the video we made for YouTube. It was our first YouTube video for Vegas Showbiz, so it will always be a special one for us based on that alone.


Hopefully, this article has been helpful for anyone looking for Las Vegas shows in April 2022. While there’s never really a wrong time to visit Las Vegas, coming in the Spring is always quite lovely. The extreme heat of the Summer is still a ways off. Still, the days are getting longer, there’s tons of sunshine, and it’s going to be comfortable for practically any outdoor activity. Dayclubs and hotel pools have also reopened for the season. So, that perfect day at the pool combined with the excitement of a world-class show at night is ready to be had! We hope to see you soon.

Michael Pellegrini is the owner of Vegas Showbiz, LLC. He and his wife Jessica enjoy blogging and vlogging about Las Vegas. Their 3 kids, Ava, Elise, and Enzo frequently make appearances in his content as well. You can follow Michael at

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